Risk Management

We live in an ever more litigious society, leading to an increase in personal injury claims and liability insurance costs. Effective Risk Management can drastically reduce such events and the associated costs.

Every organization faces the constant threat of major loss from a wide range of established and emerging exposures to risk. Unlike many brokers and agents, Adarsh Insurance Brokers Corporation Ltd does not simply focus on the “hazard risks” that are typically addressed via insurance. Our experienced teams take an enterprise-wide approach, consulting closely with you to identify, analyze and manage the widest possible range of business and individual risk.

At Adarsh Insurance Brokers Corporation Ltd, our team of seasoned professionals works in tandem with clients to minimize their cost of risk, which includes retained losses, insurance premiums, and administrative and risk management expenses. To achieve the lowest cost of risk, we analyze retained losses and develop loss forecasts. In addition, we design strategies that minimize collateral requirements and other ancillary expenses.

Among the risk management services that Adarsh Insurance Brokers Corporation Ltd provides to our clients are:

  • Claim Services
  • Loss Control Services
  • Safety Programs
  • Retention Levels
  • Benchmarking
  • Loss Analysis
  • Contract Review