Board of Directors


The Sponsors and members of the Board of Adarsh Insurance Brokers Corporation Limited are highly distinguished professionals and accomplished business leaders who have excelled in their chosen areas of enterprise. The Board is responsible for overseeing the implementation of good corporate governance and the envisioned core ideology of the company.

Mukesh Modi - Director

He has experience of more than 10 years, as a development officer with United India Insurance Limited from 1985 till 1996. He has worked as a Managing Director of Adarsh Co-operative Bank for more than 12 years (2000 – 2012).

  • Years of experience: 22
  • Hometown: Sirohi

Mr. Prakash Chandra Purohit – Principal Officer / Director

He has worked as a Sr. Vice President for Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Limited for 5 years, where he was heading the project, to solicit insurance policies to the members, under Corporate Agency of the Society.

He has experience of 27 years with New India Insurance Company as Assistant Manager (1983 – 2011), where he used to take care of front office, collection management, developing new accounts and managing corporate accounts.

  • Years of experience: 32
  • Hometown: Sirohi

Priyanka Modi - Director

She has worked as a Managing Director of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Limited from 2011-2014. She has been instrumental in getting authorization for the society to become Corporate Agent and then finalizing the necessary policies to be solicited to Society’s members.

She has also worked as a Manager in Adarsh Co-operative Bank.

  • Years of experience: 5
  • Hometown: Sirohi